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Welcome to Mukurweini Technical Training Institute. MTTI is committed to educating, preparing and inspiring trainees for vision 2030. We offer both technical and business courses which contribute to a unique learning experience. The institute endeavors to promote demand driven programmes that are in tandem with the rising needs of both the industry and community

Principal's Message


In the global arena, Science, Technology and Innovation (ST & I) are the drivers for the world’s rapid economic prosperity, social development and provide tools and solutions to address global challenges. For this reason, the government through the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has strengthened the focus of Science, Technology and Innovation and Technical Education (TE) policies as underlying the country’s national development efforts.
The Government’s National Development agenda is clearly outlined in various key policy documents including the Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment Creation (ERSWEC) 2003-2007 and the National Development Plan 2002-2008. The government also recognizes that its development agenda can be accelerated if there is renewed focus on the integration of Science, Technology and Innovation in all the social-economic sectors as outlined in the Kenya Vision 2030. The government has therefore embraced Science, Technology and Innovation and Technical Education as one of its top priorities.

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In my capacity as the Deputy Principal, I take this opportunity to welcome you to our Institute Website. The website provides practical information about the Institute.
MTTI is one of the eight flagship institutions funded by the African Development Bank in partnership with the Government of Kenya and intended to be part of the TVET institutes that advance the training of the TVET courses in Kenya. To match performance with the strategies in the SDGs and vision 2030 programs, the institute has put the main propellant of our commitment being quality service delivery.

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H.O.D Business

Welcome to the Mukurwe-ini TTI business department. The business department is one of the oldest departments in the institute with the aim of training and developing managerial, conceptual and entrepreneurial skills for all.

H.O.D Building And Civil Engineering Department

The Building and Civil Engineering department has since risen to be one of the best departments with exemplary performance in examinations. 

Finance Officer

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