Agriculture and Environment CLUB


The environment and agriculture club was introduced at Mukurwe-ini technical training institute and designed to assist our students to start and maintain a successful environmental club at the institute. It has a myriad of activities that clubs pursues and where to go for help.

It encourages students to study the local environment and to contribute to solving environmental problems. In so doing, students play an important role in environmental education for sustainable development (EESD).


The club activities include gardening and planting of cash crops and vegetables to be sold to the institute. The club also participate in Agricultural Shows of Kenya annually. The club has above sixty members

Club objectives

 To prepare members to be self-employed in future.

 To help the members to know how to use and utilize a small piece of land.

 The help members learn on the problems facing farmers e.g. crop and animal pests and disease and how to deal with it.

 Members learn agricultural techniques and practice it.

 Prepare an environmental literacy campaign

 Identify a local environmental problem, propose solutions and act where possible to solve the problem.

 Establish and maintain a school vegetable garden; beautify the school grounds with ornamental plants that do not require much watering

 To cultivate a sense of awareness among students and the public on the need to conserve our environment.

 To contribute in the efforts to make the environment clean, greener and a better place to live in.

 To collaborate with NGOs and other relevant agencies in promoting research and consequently, secure vocational employment for members.

 To join all disciplines in the academic domain on the issues of development in the social, ecological and economic aspect.

 To participate actively with various organizations to prevent biodiversity loss.