Chaplaincy in MTTI


Under direction, the chaplaincy, gives spiritual and moral guidance to State institution residents; conducts Roman Catholic religious services and instruction; and does other related work. Typical Tasks include Interviewing and counseling members on ethical and moral problems and spiritual matters; celebrates Mass, administers the Sacraments, and conducts other Roman Catholic religious rites as needed by institution residents.

As chaplain I provide a range of services to the staff and students of MTTI including pastoral care, personal support and faith development. I have an open door policy throughout the year and welcome staff and students of all faiths or none. On request, Fr.Mwaniki is also available to the community of the Institute.

I work alongside the dean of students and the institute counselor to offer whatever assistance might be needed in moments of difficulty for the students. However, chaplaincy is not simply about dealing with problem situations. It is also about creating an atmosphere to facilitate personal growth. It is about creating an opportunity for friendship to develop – bringing people together or, perhaps, breaking down barriers that separate us. It is also about giving people the confidence to discover their real worth and dignity, and harnessing their skills and talents. Above all, it is about service and care, and helping students make the most of the opportunities they have at this esteemed TVET institute

I have an office at Gikondi parish, next to Mukurweini TTI and am always available to all in MTTI.