Examinations Office

Examinations Office


Welcome to Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute Examination office. Examinations are the epitome of training where it’s only after you have been tested that your level of competence can be ascertained. For a test to be credible then, it has to pass the integrity test at all its levels of preparation, moderation, administration, marking and analysis.

At Mukurwe-ini Technical we apply due diligence to ensure our results are credible and are a true representation of our trainees level of achievement. Since inception the institute has in the times that KNEC exams have been offered produced results that have rivaled long established institutes in the Region and beyond. We are the new giant on the block to watch. Our results have made us have a stable enrollment base. The curriculum base is rapidly expanding to produce an all-round institute where you may make it your one stop skills Centre.

FDuring testing, the true stand through the test and come out better and glowing with all the brilliance of the newly acquired skill. The not so well prepared prove themselves not to be up to the measure required for admission into the cadre of the super performers. These are rare in our case as the preparation is all thorough with the prerequisite number of contact hours and the practical sessions that confirm the theory work done.

We maintain a raised bar during preparation. This has produced trainees that are far above the pass mark in the Kenya National Examinations Council tests. These are a work force that has a sure footing in the practical field. Our training is fine-tuned progressively to ensure we are a representation of the needs of the market world out there. Our trainees have to severally prove their competency through the closely supervised Industrial attachments in established firms with renowned expertise in their area of operation.

The final aggregate thus attained is a combination of:

  1. Theory work done in class.

  2. Practical sessions in the well-equipped institute workshops, laboratories and production/ maintenance units.

  3. Field work and assignments that are thoroughly and closely monitored.

  4. Industrial Attachments.

We maintain a connection with our trainees out in the job market to ensure new developments in the work field and in the areas of training are communicated and our training is constantly adjusted to show the true face of the development requirements.

We recognize the key position we hold if Kenya’s Vision to be an industrialized nation by the year 2030 has to be realized. We have aligned ourselves to prove that the shift of the education system to have an increased inclination towards skill based training is not a mistake. We are committed to the preparation of a workforce that will not only talk about what they know but will do all to uplift the face of our beloved country. We no longer can afford to have a workforce well versed in theory yet they cannot actively be involved in the practical work required to ensure the country develops.

We are the face of the future of Kenya. We are about your empowerment, you should also be.

Examinations officer