Guidance and Counselling

Guidance & Counseling

Mukurwe-ini TTI has established an inclusive guidance and counseling program as a vital part of the Institute activities. The program seeks to address the requirements of all members by facilitating students, staff and the entire MTTI community with social and personal assistance as well as aiding in creating a positive and safe environment within the institution.


The department offers the services below to MTTI fraternity;

  1. Welfare and outreach activities.

  2. Handling and coordinating issue that affects the performance of both student and staff.

  3. Sensitize and educate trainees on matters of Alcohol and Drug abuse

  4. To advise, direct and steer an individual towards making informed decisions and choices.

  5. Sensitize and educate trainees and staff on matters of HIV/AIDS and encourage them to avoid the risks of HIV/AIDS

  6. Encourage virtues of hard and systematic work.

  7. Behavior modification and character building