Industry Liason Office

Industry Liason Office


This office predominantly deals with issues of attachment to our students to various industries and companies, it also makes sure that our students have insurance cover and  also deals with the assessment of students who are on attachment. The office also receives commendable feedback from the management of those companies. Before the students proceed on attachment, the department confirms that the following has been done.

  1. Students cover sufficient ground of the syllabus before they report for their attachment.

  2. Ensure that students undertake more practical work.

  3. Students are given advice on areas of specialization.

  4. Workshops are armed with necessary tools and resources expected to be found in the industries in the areas concerning technology and emerging trends.

MTTI sets specific goals to be achieved by students while on industrial attachment and these objectives are conversed to the organization where they are attached.

The department aims to establish an alumni branch for mutual benefit of both the institution and the trainees. It can also monitor the progress of our trainees to improve on our teaching-learning experiences and avail role models for our trainees.

The office also wishes to establish a relationship with universities to open doors for academic and professional progression. With establishment of a town campus the department will be instrumental in marketing the institute to industries and business in town.