Performance Contracting



Performance Contracting is a management tool used to track accountability for publicly funded government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). It is a freely negotiated performance agreement between the government and the respective MDA. The agreement clearly specifies the intentions, obligations and responsibilities of the contracting parties.

Started in Kenya in 2003 after undergoing piloting since 1989, performance contracting is now in the 18th cycle. Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute joined Performance Contracting (PC) in the financial year 2017/2018. In the initial stages it looked like a herculean task, however; after realizing the positive benefits of PC, performance has steadily improved.

Performance contracting goes through a cycle of negotiation, vetting, implementation and finally evaluation. At the close of the financial year, preparation of the new financial year PC and preparation for the evaluation of the previous FY PC overlap creating a period of intense concentration and focus which only the strongest team sail through without bruises.

The evaluation scale runs from 1 to 5 where the lower the score the better the performance. The institute scored 2.834 in its first evaluation before improving to 2.8248 in the FY 2019/2020 a score which placed us in position 5 amongst the tertiary institutions in Kenya. It is not lost on us even when celebrating the good performance, the huge pressure on our shoulders to better on this performance.

The success happened when we looked for the good in PC and decided to make good use of the tool to help us achieve what we aspired to. There is a seamless flow from our strategic plan to our budget, procurement plan to the PC which then helps us to develop clear work plans which we adhere to while collecting evidence. Truly what gets measured gets done.

At Mukurwe-ini Technical Training Institute, we aspire to become the benchmark for performance contracting where we lead and others follow.