Scouts Association Movement


“Enter to serve”


 To be the regional leading in educational youth movement enabling 10 thousands young people to be active citizens, creating positive change in their community and in the region based on shared values.


∙ To contribute to the education of young peoples through a young value system based on the scout promise and law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. To generate new ideas and minds to help light the candle of a new era of bright youth.

∙ To lead the way in building the community to produce new ways in dealing with drug eradication, environment molding and goals achievement of the country global raise.


∙ Eradication of drugs and alcohol abuse

∙ Empowering the community and the environment to have a better world which is conducive to be in.

∙ Alerting and rescuing in emergency and first aiding of sudden occurrences.

∙ Guide the youth in preparedness to face life challenges in the evolving world.

∙ Helping and supporting the needy and help raise the standards of the youth through sharing new ideas and moral mounding through goal achievements.

Membership Requirements:

Registration fee of ksh 20 is required


We normally meet at the parade ground once in a week i.e. Wednesday at exactly 5:45 pm.